Pre-Planning Your Secular Funeral

Funeral Home Oakland

Funeral pre-planning ensures that your final wishes are honored and relieves your loved ones of the burden of making difficult decisions at an emotional time. When you pass, your plans can simply be put into action by the funeral home, allowing your loved ones to focus on their grief and comforting each other. If you wish to have a secular funeral service, then pre-planning can be even more important, because it allows you to state your wishes explicitly. Here are some tips for pre-planning your secular funeral.

State Your Wish for a Secular Service
Even if your friends and family know you to be a non-religious person, don’t assume that that means that they will know you want a secular service. Without specific instructions, some family members may plan a religious service for you out of tradition, while others may do so because they believe strongly in the importance of a religious ceremony. Your funeral plan should specify clearly that you want a secular service, so that there are no questions about your wishes. Likewise, don’t rely on stating that you want a secular service in your will or other estate documents, as they will usually not be read until after the funeral.

Choose Readings
Considering choosing readings for your service during the pre-planning process. This will take this responsibility off the shoulders of your family, and it gives you an opportunity to choose secular pieces that speak to you. You may also wish to do the same for the music included in your ceremony.

Find a Service Location
For religious funerals, the place of worship is usually where the funeral services are held. With a secular service, you have more options. The funeral home that is assisting with the planning process can help you find a location for your service that is experienced in holding secular funerals.

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